Testimonial from Janeen

🐎Janeen shares…’Hi, I’ve been giving her the product (the Signature herbs) since Saturday, sounds silly but can see an improvement in her rump muscles already. So very keen to keep her on this product, been seeing all reviews on FB and all have been excellent.
Her left hind is the one that’s affected… And it looks better already.’
When Janeen came to pick up her second bucket of herbs she told me how much happier her horse is and how she now comes up to her and enjoys a run around the paddock. 😁🐎 It certainly makes a difference in the quality of life.’

A big different in the quality of life
Signature mix herbs from Fiona Adams of Holistic Horse Therapies and Herbal Horses made a big difference to Janeen's mare.
She is much happier on the herbs

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