Services for the Horse and Owner

Below is some information on the services I offer to your to keep your horses happy and healthy.

Equine bodywork Sessions:

I use a combination of equine bodywork techniques for your horse as needed, drawing on the following therapies to help the health of your horse.

Tui Na (Chinese massage)

Bowen Therapy



Energy Work


Magnetic and laser therapy

Herbal and natural feeding consultations

Available now: Book on +61407386059 for bookings in the Perth area.

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Herbal Consultation:

Phone, Skype or email consultations with suggested natural feeding and herbs for your horse.

Sms: +61407386059

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Life Coaching for the Rider:

Do you have dreams you want to fulfill?

Do you want to feel more confident when riding?

Do you want to achieve your goals?

I can support your to fulfill your dreams.

I am a life coach, hypnotherapist, transpersonal energetics practitioner and NLP practitioner. I draw on all these modalities to help you achieve your full potential. To help you be the best you and achieve your equestrian goals.

Live the dream!

Book now for a Skype session with me. I also use Viber or Whatsapp.



Facebook: holistichorsetherapies

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Herbal Seminars:

This is the opportunity for you to learn how to bring the best of natural therapies to your horses to keep your horses healthy and happy.

As an equine herbalist with nearly 20 years of experience I bring to you down to earth herbal seminars. Most of them are practical. Learn to make herbal poultices, liniments, oils, lotions and potions. Feel confident knowing how to make them and use them on your horses.

Ring +61407386059


Facebook: holistichorsetherapies

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Mother, son and horse

Herbal remedies, body work, energy work and iridology for your horse.








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