Morus alba, nigra, rubraa

Mulberry has been used to help with worms,  well as with throat and mouth infections. It has also been used for; swollen glands, as a laxative, as a blood cleanser for inflammation, to stop bleeding. as a kidney tonic and for fatigue and anemia. It has an anti-bacterial effect and has been used to help with colds and the flu as well as asthma bronchitis and diabetes.

The branches are used for arthritis. The root bark and the branches have been used to reduce blood pressure.

The fruit of the mullberry are used in Chinese medicine to restore the yin, the vital energy and as a laxative.

Most parts of the mulberry can be made into a tincture and fed as required. The leaves can be made into a tea (infusion) and taken for colds. This maybe combined with other herbs such as elderflower.