Maggie May the Chicken

Maggie May’s Story

Ally Corti, (a friend and client of mine) contacted me via face book to ask about her poor chicken. Ally has a soft heart and had rescued a few chickens awhile ago. This particular chicken, Maggie May, had been a happy part of the family for some time when, surprisingly, Ally’s dog decided to try to eat it.

Ally gave me updates of her progress via Facebook.

Ally: “After I had given her time to get through the shock, I washed the debris away as best I could without hurting her. This is your ointment Fiona. I basically packed it over the entire injured area.”
“It was at this point I didn’t know if she would make it, her wounds were very severe.”

Maggie May showing her wounds.
Ally cleaned the wounds as well as she could with all the feathers around  and applied an herbal ointment to the wounds.

It took Ally a couple of goes to fully clear away the debris due to the feathers. The extent of the wounds weren’t that obvious at first.

Ally provided detailed updates of Maggie May’s progress and a little bit of a ‘thumbs up’ for me : )

Ally: “My advice on further treatment is also from this wonderfully knowledgeable woman, so I am providing continual updates on her healing process….
Thanks so much Fiona, you rock. Again.”

Maggie May
Poor Maggie May. She was in such a bad way, but with lots of love and care from Ally and natural remedies, she was well on her way to recovery. Quote from Ally; “Chookn hospital. She’s a tough little bird! I can’t believe she is still alive! I’ve given her every fighting chance. Fingers cross, Fiona Adams.
Maggie May was given a little time with her friends.
Ally thought of all aspects of health, feeding, applying herb ointments and honey and she also made sure that Maggie May’s emotional and social needs for cared for.

Ally: “Maggie May has some vital social time with her family. She walked over to them, I didn’t have to take her. This is the biggest sign she’s given me that she wants to get well. Onya Maggie….”

“She sparked up considerably after her little hangout with her gang. They sat together in a sheltered sunny section of the garden. When it was time to go she wasn’t impressed! I will do this with her a few times a day so she stays a happy chookn..”

Ally used a few different herbal ointments over the time as well a natural, raw honey.

Maggie May
Maggie May

“Update on Maggie May…. She is doing REALLY well!!!!! She’s not fussed on fresh food at the moment, preferring her organic grain softened in honey and water. But she loves her time outside with her family during the day, but I have to watch her so she doesn’t get too tired. Then it’s back inside for dinner and an early night.
I am SO happy with her progress. Big dressing change in the morning so will see how everything is going. She is fighting infection admirably!!!”

“Would YOU look this good in my stockings? (That’s what I am using to keep her dressings on under her wings)….. LOL”

Maggie May improving
Ally put a stocking over Maggie as a bandage.


Ally: “Maggie May on the left ROOSTS FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! Non chookn people this is a BIG DEAL! Huge enough for any battery hen but MASSIVE big deal for this little injured girl! I’m so proud of her!!!!!!!!”

Ally’s latest post (photo below): “EG and MM are now the very best of friends. They seek me out no matter where I am, cheeky little so and so’s. I’m under no illusion, they just love me for my hot cross buns!!!!”

Maggie May and EG are best of friends.
Maggie May is now a very happy chicken thanks to Ally’s dedication and natural therapies.

I am grateful to Ally so sharing this heart warming story.  Maggie is a very lucky chicken to have such a devoted owner.