Tilia x europaea

Lime Tree
The Lime tree has many uses in traditional herbal medicine for horses.

 Lime blossoms are sometimes fed for their relaxing and calming properties (nervine). They are known as a blood cleanser. They also contain mucilages which are soothing and help reduce inflammation. The tannins contained in the lime blossoms are astringent. The lime tree varieties Tilia cordata and the Tilia platypus are preferred for medicinal use, although other varieties can also be used.

The fragrant lime blossoms are sweet to taste and have traditionally been used for colds and fevers, for the stomach, as a diuretic, to support the liver, as a sedative and for epilepsy.

The leaves have been used to promote sweating to help reduce fevers. The wood can be ground and used to support the liver and to help with cellulitis.

The inner bark can also be used externally when made into an ointment or an infusion for any external problem, tumours and inflammation. Charcoal from the wood can be used to treat ulcers, edema and cellulitis externally.