Gus’ recovery from burns (Dog)

This herbal success story is from a face book friend.


Emma Harte-Brown shared the following touching story of Gus with me.

“The fire was on Christmas day 2013. We had two houses here on our property and the old one was one of those old fibro ones on stumps.. The dogs laid under it when the weather was hot and whenever there were storms etc.

When the fire started we didn’t realise Gus was there but his brother Dodge was hanging around the fire watching (That was weird for him as he doesn’t like strangers or crowds- there where people everywhere) I realised that Gus wasn’t with him and freaked out. By then there was a wall of orange flames pouring out from under the house and we all honestly thought he was dead.

Some time later my hubby heard Gus scream out in pain and a firey (fireman in Australian slang) kicked away the panels of wall that was stopping him get out. They pulled him out and gave him oxygen. No one could believe he was alive. It was pretty incredible.”

Emma was too upset to take photos of the initial burns, but here’s a photo of his awful burns a month after.

Gus one month after the house fire.
Gus was caught under the house when Emma’s house burnt down. She put Aloe Vera on his wounds and gave him homeopathic Arnica.

Emma applied Aloe Vera gel onto Gus’ terrible wounds. Aloe Vera is great internally and externally, so it didn’t matter if he licked the Aloe Vera. She also gave him homeopathic Arnica pillules.

With lots of love and care from Emma, here is Gus now. Emma says he’s back to his usual self, bossing his brother around.

Gus is happy now. He bosses his brother around. There's still a bald patch on his bottom.
Gus is back to his usual self now, thanks to Emma’s care with the Aloe Vera and Arnica and later Cantharsis.

Thank you for sharing this incredible herbal success story with us, Emma!!!