I am gradually adding stories from the animals I have helped and stories from other people who have used natural therapies to help their animals back to health.

Remembering of course that herbs and natural therapies should not replace veterinary advice.


Emma was had damaged her neck severely. Her owner successfully treated her with herbs and other natural therapies.

Emma is a gentle 27 year old horse. Her owner rang me as she was desperately worried about her after a major accident. She was chased by a new horse into a trailer and she had an horrific lump on her neck.

The first vet looked at her and didn’t know what the lump was. The second vet said her neck was broken and to put her down.

Emma is so lucky to have such a dedicated owner. She diligently gave her herbs, supplements and flower essences and she applied ointment to the affected area daily.

Emma was on Bute and so we discussed using herbs to help prevent any gastric disturbance. Her owner was also concerned about her being on Bute long term. She wanted her to be comfortable, but not to feel so good that she hurt herself, which unfortunately she did a few weeks after the neck injury.

Gradually, Emma was weaned off the Bute and onto some herbal pain relief.

I was invited out to work on Emma some weeks later and the lump was still a considerable size.

I thoroughly checked over Emma’s body and found that the opposite side of the neck to the lump was concave! This seemed to be where she hurt herself.

Her owner began applying ointment to this side of the neck as well and a few weeks later the swelling subsided on the off (righthand) side.

Emma’s neck was concave on the other side. Her owner applied herbal ointment daily to her neck.

I’m not sure if the photo shows just how concave her neck was.

I did laser and energy work on the area and I did body work on other areas of the body. We discussed and refined Emma’s herbal and other supplements.

Emma’s owner has continued the herbs and Emma is doing amazingly well. She is a very lucky horse to have an owner loves her so much and is dedicated to her well being.

I am still surprised after all these years, just how effective herbs and natural therapies can be.

It is just so exciting to be able to help my equine friends back to health!