Demystifying the Different Ways of Using Herbs

Let’s look at the various ways to use herbs for horses.
Herbs in a box
A variety of dried herbs which can be used as remedies for horses.


A compress or fomentation is a pad of material soaked in an herbal infusion.


A water based substance used on the skin.


A decoction is basically simmering the herb in water on a stove. Decoctions are used more often for the harder parts of the herbs, such as the roots or the bark, to soften the herb and make it easier to use.


A gel is a jellylike substance made from the herb. It is a mixture of liquid (usually water) and a substance from the plant.


A water infusion is basically making a cup of tea: Just pouring boiling water over the herbs.

An oil infusion is made by steeping the herb in oil, either by warming on a stove or placing on a windowsill. You can also infuse herbs into many liquids, including apple cider vinegar and honey.


A liniment is a liquid used to rub or apply to the body.


A lotion is a liquid applied to the skin.


An ointment or salve is a semisolid substance that is used on the skin. It is usually oil based or sometimes made from a cream.


A poultice or fomentation is a soft mix of herbs, usually put on cloth and applied to the body. Poultices can be applied warm or cold. Cold poultices are usually called compresses and can be held on the body or bandaged as needed. A poultice is often used for drawing out things such as abscesses or splinters.

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