Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses

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Welcome to the wonderful world of herbs for horses. This course is jam packed full of practical information. I introduce you to the various types of external herbal remedies and then show you step by step how to make them and how to use them.

Learn how to make herbal compresses, creams, decoctions, infusions, gels, poultices, liniments, lotions and other herbal remedies with Fiona Adams.

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Fiona Adams is a teacher, Equine herbalist, bodyworker and the author of 3 herbal books. She has been helping horses with natural therapies for over 25 years.

What did previous students have to say about the Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses Course?

‘…learned so much. Thank you, Fiona’ TH

‘Thank you for sharing your knowledge.’ JT

‘Very professional. Beyond my expectations. R

‘Thoroughly enjoyed it.’ S W Tanner

This course was created after many of my clients have asked me to help them make their own preparations for horses. My wish is that this course motivates and empowers you to use natural remedies to support the health of your horses.

Wishing you and your horses all the very best of health and happiness.


Herbs in woman's hands
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  • 15 Lessons