Success Stories

See what people have to say about Fiona Adams from Herbal Horses and Holistic Horse Therapies

Testimonial from Peter

Fiona supplied me with her proprietary blend of herbs (a paste) together with a loan of a B-Cure laser unit. The combination of these was

Testimonial from Kathryn

‘Hi, I want to thank you so much!! In less than 6 mths I have gone from not being able even touch my mare with

Testimonial from Janeen

🐎Janeen shares…’Hi, I’ve been giving her the product (the Signature herbs) since Saturday, sounds silly but can see an improvement in her rump muscles already.

Farrier trimming hooves

Whiskey & Laminitis

Hi. It’s Fiona and I’m talking about laminitis today. This horse’s name is Whiskey and he’s had quite laminitis now for a few weeks. He

Treatment for Spice

A message from a happy horse partner a day after treatment – I am already noticing a shift in Spice’s behaviour 💕 she is more

Maggie May showing her wounds.

Maggie May the Chicken

Maggie May’s Story Ally Corti, (a friend and client of mine) contacted me via face book to ask about her poor chicken. Ally has a

Benny, a pony with founder.

Benny’s Founder Success Story

Continuing with our herbal success stories, here is one about a cute, little pony with severe founder. Benny Benny is a lucky pony. His new

Gus is happy now. He bosses his brother around. There's still a bald patch on his bottom.

Gus’ recovery from burns (Dog)

This herbal success story is from a face book friend. Gus Emma Harte-Brown shared the following touching story of Gus with me. “The fire was



I am gradually adding stories from the animals I have helped and stories from other people who have used natural therapies to help their animals