I am passionate about the health and welfare of animals. I am an equine herbalist, bowen therapist, massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and energy worker for horses. I also use other therapies such as Orthobionomy, Tui Na, Acupressure, magnetic and laser therapy to help support the health of horses. I have attended numerous workshops on hoof trimming, saddle fitting, osteopathy and other seminars to add to my knowledge on natural therapies for horses. I have written for horse magazines and now am a published author with my first book; Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses. I am a teacher by trade with a Diploma in Teacher and a Bachelor of Education. I my goal is to educate and empower horse owners with the knowledge of natural therapies to support the health of their horses.

Essential Fatty Acids

I’m sure many of you are feeding some of the seeds I’m talking about in this video to improve your horse’s coat or to help

Herbs for Wounds

Wound care Make sure the wound is clean and dry. This will help to 0revent infection. Once you’ve cleaned the area, you can work with

Herbs for Your Horse’s Coat

The coat of a horse usually reflects the over-all health of a horse. Whilst massage and brushing will help stimulate the cost, true health comes


Stop and Smell the Herbs

Do you stop and smell herbs? Their scents are gift. You probably know when you use an infusion with essential oils that the oils can

Horses in a paddock


Gotu kola is also known as the arthritis herb. It is a very easy herb to grow and 3 – 4 leaves and stalks a

Herbs for Happy Hooves

What herbs can you use to improve your horses’ hooves? Rosehips – Feeding roseships helps to build strong hooves and help with abscesses. Rosehips contain

Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Barbadensis and Aloe Vera Linne. There are up to 500 different species of Aloe. Whilst all of the family have some medicinal value, the



Pimpinella anisum Aniseed (also known as Anise) , one of the oldest known spices, is a member of the parsley family. The name Aniseed is often



Arnica Montana Arnica, also known as Leopard’s Bane, European Arnica, Mountain Daisy, Mountain Tobacco and Fall Dandelion, has been used as a first aid remedy



Ocimum basilicum This great culinary herb (also known as Saint Joseph’s Wort) is a relative of peppermint. It also has many medicinal uses. It contains