Arnica Montana

Arnica, also known as Leopard’s Bane, European Arnica, Mountain Daisy, Mountain Tobacco and Fall Dandelion, has been used as a first aid remedy for centuries. There are about 30 different species of arnica, but Arnica montana is the one used medicinally.

Arnica has been used for years to help with injuries. It is useful to have homeopathic Arnica in your equine first aid kit.

Arnica is not to be taken internally as an herb, but homeopathic preparations are available. The homeopathic arnica can be given in the form of pills or as homeopathic liquid. It is mainly used for bruising, sprains, wounds, arthritis, sore muscles and other injuries. It has also been used for epilepsy and to stimulate the immune system. 60cc arnica is usually taken for riders and 200cc for horses, but you can use whatever strength you have on hand. A trained homeopath can give you more detail.

Arnica is still a useful herb to grow as it can be used externally to help with pain, inflammation and bruising. It has an antiseptic action, although most herbalists recommend it should not be used on open wounds.