Apple Cider Vinegar for Horses

🍎 Apple Cider Vinegar 🍎
Are you feeding it? Do you know some of the benefits? It helps with digestion and is known as a ‘blood cleanser’. It may also be useful with arthritis and tying-up. EMS horses may benefit from it to help with insulin levels and to help them loose weight.
It may help with bacterial problems such as; thrush, seedy toe or abscesses. You can soak the hoof in water with Apple cider or use it as a spray.
It may help to repel flies,mosquitoes and lice. Use a spray externally and feed internally. It may also help with skin fungal problems such as rain scald. It thought that ACV may prevent intestinal stones.
You can put it in the wash with your rugs, saddle pad and boots to prevent fungus and to remove any detergent that may be left. It will also soften them.
It is great as a rinse after shampooing and leaves the coat, mane and tail silky soft and smooth.
1/3 cup in water and added to feed for an average sized horse.
Remember to source ACV that is unpasteurized and has the mother in it.