Aloe Vera

Aloe Barbadensis and Aloe Vera Linne.

There are up to 500 different species of Aloe. Whilst all of the family have some medicinal value, the most commonly used varieties are the Aloe Barbadensis and Aloe Vera Linne.

It is the gel from the centre of the Aloe plant that is used. It is idea for burns, wounds, scar healing, discouraging proud flesh, insect bites, boils, abscesses, ulcers, skin itches, tumours, calluses, as an insect repellent and for sunburn. It is also useful for eczema and can be used externally antibiotic for treating fungal infections such as ringworm.

Aloe Vera.
Aloe Vera is a well know and well used medicinal herb both for horses and rider. The has been used for a myriad of external skin ailments and internally for digestive problems.

Taken internally, the gel is a strong purgative and good for constipation. It has a bitter taste and stimulates digestion and is useful for ulcer.. It has also been used for hives and as a general tonic and immune system booster.

Avoid giving Aloe Vera internally to pregnant mares. Avoid high doses internally as it can diarrhoea. Do not use Aloe Vera where there is kidney disease.

Some horses can develop an intolerance to the internal use of the juice or are naturally sensitive to it. So, introduce it in small doses if it is to be used internally and check with your vet if you have any concerns.