A Horse Called Whiskey with Laminitis

Video summary –


It’s Fiona and I’m talking about laminitis today. This horse’s name is Whiskey and he’s had quite laminitis now for a few weeks. He had the classical symptoms: – strong digital pulse and his hooves were hot to touch. He has been standing not stretched out, not being able to walk. He moved to the edge of the lake to cool his hooves. He was in lot of pain. I did an initial check with iridology and Chinese medicine palpation. I used Bowen and massage techniques followed with my laser on acupuncture points and locally on the laminitic hooves. The client then continued to use the laser locally and on the acupuncture points that I showed her.

When the laminitis first occurred we used fresh ginger poultices on his front feet to increase the circulation and to reduce the inflammation. My comfrey and arnica ointment was also used around the coronet band.

Whiskey was given an individual herbal ‘Signature” blend to support the recovery from laminitis as well as an herbal extract to help with pain and inflammation.

(Disclaimer: herbs and natural therapies are not to be used to replace veterinary advice)

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