10 Top Herbs to Grow and Use with Your Horses

Are you interested in learning about herbs for your horses?

Maybe you don’t know where to start? Which herbs can you grow (or buy) and how can you use them?
I have been helping horses with herbs for well over 20 years now and teaching about herbs for horses. Now I am expanding to the online world.
In this course there is a video with me talking about each herb and some written information on each herb. There are 2 bonus videos as well!
And….a private Facebook group created just for this course where you can connect with other like-minded people and ask me questions about this course.
🐎🐎 Cilla kindly reviewed the course for me – ‘’Fiona, I have finished the course and I think it’s really really good! So much information here, and worth more than $30 AUD now that I have seen everything that’s in it. You have inspired me to grow some herbs for my horse and make some ginger oil infusions for my horse. I am so honoured to review your course for you and I have learnt heaps from it. I feel very lucky to have been offered this opportunity to review it. I am your ideal client as I am an avid vege gardener and am always exploring other ways to look after my horses more naturally! Changing my ideas from the really scientific to more things that can’t be proven by science but actually work? Thank you for the opportunity.’ 🐎🐎
This course is written for you…to give you the knowledge and confidence to start using and growing herbs for your horses. Click on the link below (10 Top Herbs to Grow and use for Your Horses) and I’ll see you in the course.

Click here: – Top 10 Herbs to Grow and use for Your Horses