Fiona Adams

Fiona Adams: B. Ed, Dip T, Cert Equine Herbalism, Cert in Emmet Therapy, Cert in Bowen Therapy, Cert in Massage, Cert in Orthobionomy, Reiki 1 and 2, Iridology, Laser acupuncture and acupressure, Energy practitioner writer, animal rights activist and more.

Fiona Adams: Author of Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses and the Herbal Hoof and Leg as well as the online course – 10 Top Herbs to Grow and Use for Your Horses.

As an equine herbalist for over 20 years, I have developed an understanding of which herbs really make a difference.

I have studied numerous other natural therapies, some of which I have listed below. I bring my knowledge and intuition to each horse I see, assessing their problem and finding solutions to help.

There is nothing more stressful than when your horse isn’t well.

There is such a feeling of relief when your horse is recovered. I also feel this joy and relief with each horse I help.

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Fiona Adams with a small herd of horses

Fiona Adams

Fiona Adams:


Dip T, B. Ed., Cert in Herbal Medicine for Horses, Cert in Bowen Therapy, Cert Massage Therapy for Horses, Iridology, Laser acupuncture and acupressure, Emmett therapy, Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. Cert in Hypnosis (humans), NLP practitioner, Life Coach, transpersonal energetics practitioner, Iridologist, Tui Na, Cert in Orthobionomy.


‘Another hoof abscess done burst and healing….two weeks go to whoa in two weeks. Thanks Fiona Adams and Holistic Horse Therapies! Herbal healing the only way to go or you can kiss goodbye to months in treatment or at worst your horse!’

Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses:

‘Definitely a must for my library. I know I have the electronic copy but nothing like the real book being at hand. One for the stables, one for the coffee table, suitably autographed of course! I have two ponies that would not be still alive but for your expertise.’


One of my favourite people, the wonderful Fiona Adams, has released her second book about herbal therapies for horses. What this lady doesn’t know about all things herbal isn’t worth knowing, and she has helped me with my horses, dogs and chickens many a time… and I’m now using her comfrey ointment on my own broken foot! I can THOROUGHLY recommend this…… In a nutshell, better, more effective treatment for your horses, with the added bonus you save a fortune in vet visits.  Ally.

The Herbal Hoof:

Fiona’s latest book is finally here. Practical down to earth help with herbs and natural therapies for your horse. Learn how to use and make herbal remedies for hoof and leg problems.

Now available on Amazon.com!

Check out my new course too: – http://herbalhorses.com/10-top-herbs-to-grow-and-use-with-your-horses/

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